Friday, 10 June 2011

bebel je~

thinking about tomorrow n my future..
now already, 10th june 2011..
after all, i'm now 19yrs..[bl0m genap..]
time passes so fast..
yesterday, i just felt i'm a child..
but now, i'm a BIG girl..
i need to change..
i've to start thinking about my future..
even for me, it's too early..
but time does not wait for me..
i've to think..
who i am in future..
who will be with me..
what will happen in my life..
all that, i've to think from now on..
i want a perfect life..
successful in life..
and be with my love..

err~ stuck plak otak.. nanti2 la sambung.. haha.. i want my boojards.. :P

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