Wednesday, 17 August 2011


i dont know since when i'm being very sensitive..
i feel like no one cares about me..
no one loves me..
i easily cry..
since i decided to move on..
since i say to myself i can live without razi..
since i say i just gonna miss him in past..
i'm being too sensitive..
i hate this feeling..
i cant avoid my tears fall when i miss him..
yeah! sometimes, i really miss him..
i'm being in a really bad condition..
low self confidence..
dont trust anyone..
easily cry..
i dont know what happen..
i think i'm a bad person now..
i do anything i want..
without thinking others feeling..
there are no more razi with me..
i feel lonely..
i feel like i'm in the dark place..
i still love him..
that's the fact..
even in keep trying to forget him..
i cant, i cant forget him..
he's the one that shining my day..
that always say, 'creating my smile is his responsible..'
but, it just a memory..
his words is just in my dream..
i need to let him go..
i need to wake up from this long dream..
i'm tired of this..
i dont know what i must do..
razi, how can i forget u??

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