Saturday, 3 December 2011

::my youngest brother::

hyep dears!
did u see above?
that's is my youngest brother..
i wanna share about him today.. :)
he's awang amir syafiq..
born on december, 6, 2003..
8years, now..
he's the youngest in my siblings..
he's the one that be my strength to success in my life..
he's an abnormal kid..
that's why i really care of him..
he can't run as other children..
he also can't play too much..
his childhood life is so limited..
i pity with him..
even though, he's like that..
he can easily understand what happen around him..
i can't even see anyone bullying him..
sometimes, i keep crying thinking about him..
how he gonna face his friends later?
didn't he being bullied?
i'm so worried..
when i watch movie about abnormal child have been bullied by others, i'll cry..
it's remind me of my lil bro..
i hope i can finish my study faster and be at his side..
be strong..
i know u can do it..
u are stronger than me..
never give up, syg..
i'll always be with u..

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