Friday, 1 June 2012

::1st of june::

hyep dears!

yeah! in a mid of year already.. time pass without waiting me.. hmm.. it's only a few days for me to standing beside.. am i ready? to stand alone.. without my strength? we gonna wait and see till that day.. not really in mood to update.. just a little bit missing a new entry here.. huhu.. i think, i'll never have enough time to create every single piece of my memory as before.. i'll miss it.. yup! nothing is forever.. evrything will having the end.. including our life.. we just can try to do the best thing.. but, we can't decided.. yeah! i'm in love.. everyone know, right? but, the person that i love, doesn't.. one day, when he know.. it'll be too late.. haha! i'm strong enough to hold and regret later.. ^_^  but, there are the quote that say.. we don't have time to regret the past.. but, facing the future.. time will not waiting for us.. it will not stop to give us time to regret.. so, no need to regret.. just create the thing better..alaa!.. lazy to type.. ok la.. lets stop here.. ^_^


p/s: i'm a big girl.. so, i don't cry.. just smile..^_^

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