Saturday, 2 June 2012

:: :'( ::

hyep dears.. :(

i want my life back! 
i really want..
i'm tired with this way of life.. 
how long would i wait to get my own life?? 
i know, it's my fault.. 
everyday, i just can say, without do it.. 
so sad, right? 
i cant do anything that i want.. 
i just follow what he want.. 
what i say is just a word flying through wind for him.. 
everyday i cry.. 
but for what?? 
nothing can change what i need to face now..
Ya Rabb, please lend me a strength.. 
i need it.. 
i've nobody.. 
yup! i also have lost him.. 
i dont have anything left accept Allah..
i hope i can face it.. :'(

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