Sunday, 27 May 2012

::life now::

hyep dears!
rarely visit my sayang's because of my new way of life..i'm working..waa!did u trust it?no?but its really for real..i'm now, a staff off an international optical co..its a spectacles shop..i've been working more than a week..lets see my new schedule.. ^_^

18thMay2012- first day working..=)

ok, i'm working for 12hours per day.. its starting 8.30am until 8.30pm.. waa! so long owe.. hee..its for monday to saturday.. on sunday, just 6hours.. from 8.30am to 2.30pm..

i love my job.. its doesn't really hard.. i met different kind of people everyday.. sometimes, there are nice, but there are some that really arrogant.. waa1 i need to be patient meh..

let story about my workmates..

mr.chang- he's my boss.. he's quite strict la.. no phone during working hours.. huhu.. but, he always in his room, so.. u know i know la.. :p
cindy- she's a chinese.. having a son.. nice..
lyna- she's an ibanese.. still single.. also nice.. she's had been working thre for 7years.. huhu.. long time, right?
hin- the only male worker.. always being bullied maa.. haha.. he's a little bit funny..
rin- i've not seen her.. so, i dunno la..

that's all.. its just us there.. there are all nice.. i think, i love my life now.. >.<

but, there are still a problem.. huhu.. i'm still at wani's home.. btw, i'll be here just till the end of june.. wani will be attend his certificate program starting from 25thjune.. so, i'll back before that date la.. i'll miss them.. hmm..

almost a months and half being here, teach me many new things.. i'm having a family.. yeah!1 i miss them.. i dunno wether i'll feel this way again in my own family.. huhu..

okay! i dunno what to write anymore.. so, lets stop here.. n the next entry will be my favourite song's lyric.. ^__^

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